New Customer Portal Walkthrough

Walkthrough of the Customer Portal for New Customers

In addition to our mobile phone apps for iPhone and Android, TranscribeMe has an easy-to-use Customer Portal where you can upload content and request transcripts. The Portal supports file uploads from your computer, Dropbox, and non-protected online media sites such as YouTube and Vimeo.

To submit a file being stored in your Dropbox account, please click here for instructions.

To submit online media hosted on a public, non-password-protected site such as YouTube or Vimeo, please click here for instructions.

Setting up your Customer Portal Account

This article will walk you through the main functionalities of the Customer Portal. If you have additional questions after following this walkthrough, please contact

You can access the Sign-up page to create a new Customer Portal account by clicking on the link above that says 'Customer Portal' or by clicking on the Order Now button in the top right-hand corner of the screen our website home page (we recommend using either Google, Brave, or Safari), Click on that and it will take you straight to the login screen.

The Sign up page allows for 2 options:

    a) Create a new customer portal account independent of any other log in:

To Signup enter the email address (this will become your Username) you wish to use and then read our Terms of Service and Privacy policy by clicking the links provided. Once you have read those, you are requred to click the box saying you agree to those two policies.

Once you have agreed to the terms of service and privacy policy, you will then see the 'Next' button turn orange. Click on the Next button and you will be prompted to create your password.

*NOTE: Your password must be at least 10 characters in length and include at least:
- 1 Uppercase letter
- 1 Lowercase letter
- 1 number
Once your password has been created and confirmed the Create account button will turn orange. 

Once you have clicked the orange Create account button, it will take you directly to your new customer portal account.

b) Create a new customer portal account by using Google Sign in as single-sign-on account by clicking the Sign up with Google button.



If you have an existing account, you can Log in by clicking the Customer login button at the top right hand corner of the home page on our website

The log in screen for customer portal accounts also allow you to log in directly, or use your Google Single-Sign-On.

Once logged in, you will see the Portal Recordings home page. Detailed instructions on just about anything you need to know about how to prepare your audios, upload them using various methods, sorting your portal account using folders, downloading your transcripts, receipts, etc. can be found on our knowledge base here

Uploading Files

In able to order transcripts you must first upload digital files, either as audio or video files, to your customer portal account. On the Recordings home page you will see an orange Upload button. Before uploading make sure you know where your files are stored, they are all named correctly, and you have no duplications.  Remember that the price of transcription is based on per minute of audio, so ensure your files are trimmed to only include the audio portions you want transcribed. Then click the Upload button

Then click Select Files to Upload.

Navigate to the folder where the file is located, click on it, and click Open. You can select multiple files by holding down the Ctrl key while left-clicking with your mouse on each file you wish to upload.


You can see the progress of the upload on the screen as the file is transferred to the Portal. Video files are generally larger than audio files, so they may take slightly longer to upload. While your files are uploading, you can enter details it would be helpful for our team to know in the area provided. These can include the spelling of names, any useful acronyms, number of speakers, etc.

Please note that our system is optimized for files no larger than 500mb. We accept the following formats: wav, mp3, mp4, ogg, aiff, aif, m4a, mov, wma, avi, flv, 3gp, 3gpp, 3ga, amr, caf, m4v, and MXF.

Please note: Some new devices that produce certain formatted files, such as m4a, .wav, etc., cause a data transfer error and will result in distorted audio once processing has been completed. We recommend that any new m4a file should be converted to mp3 files prior to uploading to avoid this issue. You can see our walkthrough on how to prepare files for submission to our portal here.

Ordering files


The Order Details page enables you to choose the service you require and also shows you the total cost of your order. Once the screen says "Ready to Transcribe" click on the orange Transcribe button which will take you to the Order Details page where you will see the total price of your order.

The Order Details page enables you to choose the service you require and also shows you the total cost of your order. You must make the following selections before the price calculation will be completed:

Choose a service first: 

Service Types


Best For:



Machine Express
High quality audio
No background noise
No crosstalk
1 or 2 speakers without accents
Extremely fast turnaround
High accuracy for very good audio
Timestamps are automatically added every 30 seconds

Speaker IDs not available
No Accuracy Guarantee
First Draft Real-world audio with background noise or crosstalk
multiple speakers
accented speech
Requires a quick turnaround
Default turnaround time is 2 to 3 business days, but 95% of these files are completed within 12 to 24 hours.
Typical accuracy ranges between 90 to 95% for average quality audio and often reaches close to 98% for good quality audio.
**Timestamps and Speaker IDs are available
No accuracy guarantee
Is a first draft of the audio,without a review layer for consistency, context, punctuation, or stylization.
Requires the customer to edit the transcript afterward, for which we provide an Online Editor.
Standard best for real-world audio that has background noise, multiple speakers, accented speech, crosstalk and requires a high level of accuracy. *Comes with an accuracy guarantee
Average turnaround time is 2 to 3 business days for audios 90 minutes in length or less & 4 or fewer speakers.
1 business day turnarounds are available for audios 70 minutes or less in length. 
Clean Verbatim service has everything said is transcribed, but is 'cleaned' up to make the speech more readable, without changing the context or meaning of the speech.
Eliminates crutch words (I know, like, okay), as well as filler words, (uh, um, mhmm, uh-uh, etc.), stutters, and false starts of 3 words or less.
**Timestamps and Speaker IDs are available.

More than 4 speakers, or lower quality audio will result in longer turnaround times.

Verbatim best for real-world audio that has multiple speakers, requires a high level of accuracy, and will be used for speech pattern analysis. *Comes with an accuracy guarantee
The average turnaround time for this service is 2 to 3 business days for audios that are 60 minutes in length or less, and have 3 or fewer speakers
This is a Full Verbatim service, meaning that everything that is said is transcribed with crutch words (I know, like, okay), as well as filler words, (uh, um, mhmm, uh-uh, etc.), stutters, and false starts of 3 words or less are included.
**Timestamps and Speaker IDs are available.

1 business day turnarounds are not available for this service.
4 or more speakers, low quality audio, crosstalk, background noise, and audios greater than 60 mins in length will result in extended turnaround times.
MaxScribe Audios that require legal format Style Guides This is a specialized format available to our Legal clients only and requires pre-approval and arrangements with our Sales team at

*Accuracy Guarantee -

This service does provide an accuracy guarantee of 98% for good quality audio. If you feel your transcript is not 98% accurate (using a Word Error Rate) just let us know and we will review the transcript for you. If it does not fall within the accuracy guarantee we will gladly redo it for you free of charge.

**Timestamps and Speaker IDs - Timestamps and Speaker IDs are available for an additional cost. Speaker IDs are formatted as 'S1', 'S2', 'S3', etc. in the order in which each speaker first speaks in the audio. Customized Speaker names can be arranged through our Sales team prior to ordering your files.

Select the language of the source audio: 

Language -

 This is the language formating the transcript will be typed in and should correspond to the language of the speakers in the audio. 

**If you have audio with people speaking more than one language, the language you choose here will be transcribed and the other language(s) will be indicated with a [foreign] tag. If you wish all languages to be transcribed, you must contact our sales department at to arrange for a bilingual quote prior to ordering. 

Accent - This is the regional accent of the speakers and the transcript. It will therefore include spelling, punctuation, and regional differences depending on the accent selected. For example, English - North American will use the spelling 'color' but English - British will use the spelling 'colour'. 

c    Select the output format: 

*Word, PDF, HTML - This is the default format, and it means you will be able to download the transcript, once completed, as a Word document, a txt file or a PDF. If you require other options check the dropdown menu.

d    Decide on Turnaround Times: 

*2 to 3 business days - This is the default turnaround for all audios less than 90 or 70 minutes in length and for good quality audio. You can select other turnaround times from the dropdown menu if your audio is longer in length, has more than 4 speakers, or is lower quality audio and may take longer to do. This is not a guaranteed turnaround time. We will try to get your transcript completed as quickly as possible. If we believe the transcript will take longer than expected we will contact you and let you know.

*1 business day - This is our rush service for audios less than 70 minutes in length, of good quality audio, and less than 4 speakers. There is a higher cost associated with 1 business day service. This is not a guaranteed turnaround time but if we can't get it done in time for you we will contact you and provide other options.

e    Decide if you want Timestamps and Speaker IDs: 

*Number of Speakers -This is how you tell the system you want timestamps and speaker IDs, which come together. You can select any of the Included choices regardless of how many speakers are actually in the audio. If you select the actual number that are in the audio it helps us to ensure the transcript is completed as quickly as possible. Speaker IDs are a numerical assignment to each speaker in the order in which they first speak in the audio. So your speakers will look like 'S1', 'S2', 'S3', etc., followed by the timestamp, which will be inserted whenever there is a change of speaker, or one speaker talks for longer than 1 minute. ***If you wish to have the speakers named, you need to contact our sales team at prior to ordering and make those arrangements.

*Timestamps - If you do not want any timestamps and speaker IDs, you would select 'Not Included'. If you do not wish speaker IDs but do want timestamps you can select 'Automated Timestamps'. This will insert timestamps automatically every 30 seconds within the transcript, regardless of speaker changes.

The details that you select on the left-hand side will apply to all of your files. You can see all the files in an order on the right-hand side of the screen, where you will see the price of the transcription order as well. You can check and change details for each individual file by clicking on the small plus sign beside each selection and using the menu. Then click the X once you are done making changes to that file.

Other file characteristics such as flagging any heavy accents, content such as Medical or technical terminology, can be selected under Advanced Settings. Files with certain content is often better transcribed by select, specialized teams. Selecting one of these options will ensure the file is directed to the correct transcription teams.

If you have a promo code, please apply it to your order by entering it exactly as you have it in the box that says Promo Code and then click Apply. Promo codes allow customer portal accounts to attached to Company accounts to order invoiced files. All other files must be ordered with a credit card.

Paying for your Order

When you are satisfied with the options that you have selected, press Continue to proceed to the Payment Details page.

On the Payment Details page, please select Add Card which will take you through to a secure billing information screen that also displays the files that you are ordering and the cost. Please fill in the required fields and click Save. If you need to change anything you can click Back which will return you to the Order Details page. 

If you have used a promo code for invoicing, you will see the words 'invoiced' instead of 'Add Card'.

Once the order is finished loading, and you are sure that you have selected the appropriate service for your needs, please click on the Place Order button.

Once your order has loaded you will see an Order Complete screen. This means that your order has been placed successfully. An automatic email will be sent to you confirming this. Clicking on Back to My Recordings will take you back to the original screen of your account.

You can check on the status of your orders by going to the Orders tab in your account. This will show you the order number, status and enable you to download a receipt. As your files are completed, a notification that each file is complete will be emailed to you. If you wish to have your transcript attached to that notification you can follow the steps in this walkthrough.
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