Android App Walkthrough

This article will explain how to install and use our Android App.

To get started, locate the TranscribeMe! app in the Play Store and tap Install. 

A list of the permissions the app requires will be displayed. Tap Accept.

Once it has finished installing, open the app and tap Sign In. 

If you already have a TranscribeMe! account, enter the email address and password for that account, tap Sign In, and skip step 5. If you don't have one yet, tap Sign Up (it's free).

To create a new account, simply enter the requested information and tap Create.

To begin recording your audio, tap the Record Now button. 

When you are finished recording, tap Done.

Enter a name for your recording and tap Save. 

To view a list of your recordings, tap the up arrow in the lower-right corner of the screen to the right of word Recordings in the orange bar.

To begin placing your order, locate the file you want transcribed and tap the Transcribe button beside it.

Tap Yes to confirm that you would like to have this file transcribed. 

A confirmation screen will appear thanking you for your order. Scroll down on the screen to select the Order Details for your order.

Choose the type of transcription and other order details by continuing to scroll down the screen. 

If you have a promo code, keep scrolling down and you can enter it at the bottom of this screen. Then press Apply. Please confirm that your code has been applied and all of the other order details are correct before pressing Continue.

Enter your credit card information. If you would like, you can save this credit card and have it automatically used in the future by checking the appropriate boxes. Tap Continue. 

Once your payment information has been entered, you will have one final chance to review your order. If everything is correct, tap Pay & Confirm Order.

You will receive an email confirming that your order has been successfully received and another email advising you once it is completed. In the app, the button next to the file name will also change to Transcribed once the transcription is complete.

To view your completed transcript, tap on the file name. 

You can view or send a copy of the receipt for your order by tapping the Send Order Receipt button. You can also send a copy of the transcript via various means such as email or Google Drive by tapping the Share button.


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