TranscribeMe Company Account Client Portal Walkthrough

TranscribeMe is pleased to be able to provide Company Accounts to our clients. Speak with your sales representative, and they will be able to assist you in setting one up for your company. Once you have created your company account, you will become the Administrator (Admin) on the account, you can follow these simple steps to take advantage of all the features this service offers.

Creating a Company Account

Log in to your TranscribeMe portal account at the Customer Portal.

Once logged in, you can create your company account by going to your account icon in the top right-hand corner of your screen, where you see the single person icon. Click on the 'Need a company account?' choice from the drop-down menu that appears. 

Click the company account request and read the confirmation window in the middle of the screen. Click 'Continue' before setting up your company.

After clicking 'Continue', you will be provided with a form to complete. You will be asked to fill out each of the information lines for your company account. You will need to add your company name, your contact name, first and last, a contact phone number, your contact email address, and your company address. Once completed click on the orange 'Create Company' button.

Once you have created your company, you will see a successful acknowledgement. From there you can go straight into inviting members to your company, or you can click the later button and add your other members later. If you want to add members immediately, push the orange Add members button.

Adding Members to Your Company

To invite members, simply type in the person's email address and hit enter. You can type in multiple addresses, upload a CSV file, or invite just one. Once you have entered all of the email addresses of the people you wish to invite, click the orange 'invite' button. 

The invited member will receive an email telling them they have been invited to your company account. If they do not already have a customer portal account with TranscribeMe, they will be advised how to create a customer portal account and they will be automatically added to the company. If they already have a customer portal account, they will be asked in the email to approve having their account added to the team account.

Once they have approved the addition, the Administrators of the company account will be able to see all of the recordings, transcripts and orders that are on that customer portal account.

On the Admins account, you will now see the person icon has doubled, indicating your company account is set up and has other members. You can see the members by selecting your 'company' from the drop-down menu on your profile, then clicking on the Company members selection on the left-hand side.

You can add more members by clicking on the person icon with the plus sign beside it. And you can make any other company member an admin by sliding the radial button to the right.

On your Company profile page, you can update any of your company information that might require updating.

Managing Company Members

Once on the Members page, you can see all the members of your company listed by portal account email addresses, add members to your company, make as many members as you want Admins, or remove the Admin permission by sliding the radial button or delete company members. You can also view each company member's recordings and download the transcripts from here if you wish, but we recommend using the company Recordings and Order screens for easier access.

Adding New Members

To add new members, click on the small icon of the person.

This will bring up a small window where you can add the portal account email addresses of the company members you want to add. You can type in their portal account email address, or copy and paste a list of email addresses, or import a CSV list of addresses, or import a TXT list if you like. Once you've added the email accounts and click on the orange Invite button.

The member status on the Members page of the invite will show as Pending. Once the invite is approved the status will change to a "slider" link.

Changing Member Access

You can make a member of your company an Admin by sliding the radial button from left to right until it turns purple. You will receive a confirmation message at the bottom of the screen telling you the member's data has been updated. You may have as many Admins on your Company Account as you would like. There is no limit. Only Admins will be able to access the Company Tab.

Using Promo Codes Across Your Company

If your company has a promo code that is shared with multiple users, it will automatically add each new user who uses the promo code to your company.

Accessing Your Company Transcripts

To view a members' recordings or orders, click the 3 dots at the end of that member's line. It will take you to a recording page, where you can then download any completed transcripts for that member. To view any orders they have made, click ‘view orders'. You can also delete any members who are no longer with your company by clicking 'Delete'.

An admin can view all your company's recordings by clicking on the Recordings tab and then selecting Company recordings on the left side.

From here you can filter the recordings by Users, Status or dates. If you click on the icon shown, you will be able to export a CSV list of all your recordings.

An admin can also view all your company's orders by clicking on the "Orders" tab. If you click on the icon shown, you will be able to export a CSV list of all your orders.

You can also hover your mouse over the payment method for an order and click the Receipt icon to get a copy of the receipt for that order or click the three dots to the right and select View Details to view more information about that order.

To download completed transcripts from your company, just go to the Company recordings tab. You can filter the company recordings by Users, Status, or Dates. Since we are downloading completed transcripts, add the filter Transcribed! under status, mark the files you need (you can select all the files on the page by clicking on the box to the left of the File Name header), and click on the downward-pointing arrow icon. From here you can follow this walkthrough from Step 3 to continue downloading your Transcripts.

Note: When in the Company Recordings and Orders screens you will see all of the recordings on all the users' accounts, regardless of any folder the user has created and moved the files to. On the individual portal accounts, you can only see the files that are currently in the selected folder for viewing.

Sharing and Editing Transcripts

Company members can also share their files with other members of the same company, which will allow that person to edit the transcript using our Edit Transcripts feature. For more information on how to use the online editor, click here.

Any company member can share their files or edit files which have been shared with them, not just Admins. Also, although Admins can view and download any files from their company through the Company tab, they will only be able to edit someone else's files using this feature if the owner of that file has shared it with them. Non-admin members will only be able to access someone else's file at all if it had been shared with them.

Only the original owner of a file will be able to share it. People they share it with will not be able to share the file with anyone else. 

Also, only one user can edit a file at a time. If another user is already editing a file and you try to access it at the same time, you will receive the following message:

There are two ways to share your file:
Click the Edit & Share Transcripts tab on the left side of the page to see a list of your files that have been transcribed and can be shared. Click the icon shown below for the file you want to share. 

Or, if you already have the file opened in the Online Editor, you can click the share icon at the top of the page there instead.

The following screen will appear. Click the checkboxes for the users you wish to share the file with or click Select All to share it with everyone in the company. Then click the Share button.

A message will appear at the bottom of the screen showing that the transcript was shared successfully.

And that's it for Company Accounts! Thank you for choosing TranscribeMe to meet your transcription needs. If you have any more questions about Company Accounts, please contact your sales representative or email

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