Information Needed to Diagnose Android App Issues

If you are experiencing issues with the Android app, we are here to help! Please follow these instructions in order to provide us with the best information regarding your issue:

First, it would be helpful to have your app logs:

In the app, click the Settings icon in the upper-righthand corner. This icon looks like a gear.

Click "Send Logs" under the "Service" heading.

Briefly describe the issue in the provided text box. When you're done, click Send.


Next, please provide any information that is relevant to your situation to Support at by answering these questions, and provide any additional information or screenshots that would help us diagnose your app issue:

  • Did you receive any calls, switch off the phone, or use any apps, while recording?
  • Did you experience any noticeable issue while uploading your file?
  • Was your internet connection strong during your upload?
We hope this article was helpful as you collect information around your app difficulties. We will be on the lookout for your information and will respond as soon as possible.
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