Troubleshooting the Android App - Uploading Your Recordings

Are you trying to submit your recording for transcription in the Android App, but the recording won't pass the status "waiting" or is stuck in the upload process? It's easy to resolve this issue by restoring connectivity between the TranscribeMe app and the internet.

Here are some suggestions that should work:

Check to see if you are signed into the app. If not, sign in to the app by clicking the orange Sign In button.

If you still do not see your recording past the waiting status, sign out of the app completely then close the app. You can tell if you are signed in by seeing your username in the top banner across the top of the app next to the Gear icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen. To sign out, click the Gear icon.

Reopen the app and sign into your TranscribeMe account through the app.

If you still do not see your recordings past the waiting status, please try completely turning the phone off and on again.

If you still do not see your recordings past the waiting status at this point please make sure you find the strongest Wifi connection possible.

Please note that taking any of these steps will not cause you to lose your recording. It is safely stored in your phone!

If you are still having trouble restoring connectivity, you can download the recording off of your phone and upload it to our Customer Portal. These instructions will vary based on whether you have a Mac or PC computer.

Mac Users

  • Download Android File Transfer and open the program.
  • Connect your phone to your computer.
  • Access your TranscribeMe recordings through: Android > Data > com.transcribme.transcriptionapp > files
  • Find your desired file based on the date/time of its creation and save it to your computer.

PC Users

  • If your device uses Android 9 or up, you can find steps to transfer your files here.
  • If your device uses Android 8 or earlier, it requires enabling USB mass storage. You can find written instructions here and video instructions here
  • After mass storage has been enabled, connect your phone to your computer. Your phone will appear as a new drive "F:" under "My Computer".
  • Access your TranscribeMe recordings through: F: > Android > data > com.transcribeme.transcriptionapp > files

We hope this article was helpful. If you have any additional questions, please write to us at
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