Using Your Wallet to Order

Don't want to pay as you go? With TranscribeMe Wallet you can add any amount you wish, and use your balance to pay for transcription services. Our Sales Team can get you set up! Before you can start to use your wallet our Sales team will provide you with the forms that need to be completed for our Finance team. The finance team will then send you an invoice. Once the invoice is paid, the wallet option will be activated on your customer portal account.

Now you are ready to use your Wallet!

First, log in to your Customer Portal Account.

From your Account, select the file or files that you would like to transcribe by clicking on the tick box to the left of each title or moving the mouse over the "Ready to transcribe!" button and clicking the horizontal arrow to the right. The list of files to be transcribed will appear on the right of the screen. Now click on the orange Transcribe button at the top right.

A box will open showing the files you have selected and allowing you to upload any additional files you need. Once you have selected all the files you need, click the orange Transcribe button

You will be taken through to the Order Details page where you select the service you require, file characteristics and enter any promo codes provided for your order. Then click the orange 'Continue' button.

When the Billing screen appears, it will now let you choose between using your Wallet to pay for the order or a credit card. Select 'Wallet' and then select the orange 'Place Order' button at the bottom right-hand side of the screen. If the 'Wallet' option is greyed out, it means you have used up all of your pre-paid amount, and need to contact your sales representative to arrange to have your wallet re-filled.

It's as simple as that! Thank you for choosing TranscribeMe for your transcription needs.

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