How to Submit Multiple Files for Transcription

TranscribeMe makes managing large transcription projects easy through the  Customer Portal . You can both upload media files and submit for transcription en masse. This walkthrough will outline the steps necessary to place a mass order and submit this for transcription. 

To upload en masse, first, make sure all of your files are stored in a unique location (like an individual folder).  From here, sign in to your Customer Portal and click the "Upload" icon.

Then click on Select Files to Upload.

Navigate to where the files are stored.

Click on the first file that you would like to submit for transcription. While holding down the "Shift" key, click the last file in the folder that you would like to submit. Click "Open" to begin uploading. On a Mac you can do the same thing by using the "Command" key. 

Next, an upload window will appear on the right, showing the status of the upload.

When your files have finished uploading, they will appear in your list of recordings with a checkmark beside each filename. Click on Transcribe to proceed with the order. 

From here, please follow Step 6 and onwards of our Customer Portal Walkthrough to complete your order.

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