Troubleshooting the Portal - Uploading Your Recordings

Trouble Uploading Recordings to Your Portal?

Are you having difficulty uploading your recordings to TranscribeMe's Customer Portal? Here is a list of suggestions that should help you get your files uploaded and ready to submit for transcription:

  • Use the most up-to-date version of your browser. We suggest using Google Chrome for maximum compatibility with our Customer Portal.
  • Make sure the name of your file does not contain any of these characters: / \ : * ? « < > |
  • Try using a different computer with a more stable internet connection. 
  • Try compressing the file to a smaller size using Handbrake. Please review this YouTube tutorial for instructions on using Handbrake. You can also compress files by converting to another type of file, such as from .mov to mp3 with Audacity if you prefer. Our Customer Portal works optimally when files are under 500 MB.
  • Try clearing your browser's cache files. You can find instructions for clearing the caches of all major browsers here.
  • Make sure to keep your browser open until your upload is complete. Your upload is complete when the recording is listed as "Ready to Transcribe!" with the "Transcribe" icon in the bottom right-hand corner turned orange (see below).

We hope this article was useful to you. If you have any additional questions please write to us at

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