How to Convert Transcripts Into Editable Text

TranscribeMe transcripts are formatted into a grid because of how we micro-task audio. This grid allows for timestamping, the addition of columns with qualitative analysis points, and import into data systems like NVivo.

Here are some different methods you can use to edit your transcripts:


Remove timestamps and speaker IDs

Place your cursor above the first timestamp until it becomes a black arrow pointing downwards. Your cursor will look like this:

After your cursor appears as a black arrow, click once to highlight the entire timestamp column. Click "delete" to remove the timestamp column.


Remove the Excel grid from your transcript

If you are using Word 2013, please follow these steps:

  1. Click anywhere within the body of your transcript.
  2. Click on the Layout (not Page Layout) tab.
  3. Click "Convert to Text".
  4. In the window that appears, select "Other" and enter a space in the field next to "Other".

If you are using a version of Word that is not Word 2013, please follow the steps outlined here.


Remove text or paragraph breaks from the transcript

If you highlight a page of your transcript, you will notice horizontal white lines throughout the highlighted text. These are the breaks of individual cells.

  • If the text you want to remove fills the entire cell, highlight the text, right-click on it, select "Delete Cells" from the pop-up menu, then select "Shift Cells Up" from the sub-menu and click OK.
  • If the text that you want to remove does not fill an entire cell, you can delete the text as you normally would in Word.
  • Removing a paragraph break will likely involve combining 2 cells. Highlight the text below the break, and paste it above the break. This will leave you with an empty cell. From there, you only need to do delete the empty cell. Do this by highlighting the empty cell, right-clicking on it, selecting "Delete Cells" from the pop-up menu, then selecting "Shift Cells Up" from the sub-menu and clicking OK.

Removing the TranscribeMe Logo

  • Double click the logo to enable editing in the header of your document.
  • Click the logo once.
  • Click the delete key. This will remove the logo from all pages in the transcript.

Thank you for reading this walkthrough. If you have any further questions, please contact us at, and we will be glad to assist you!

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