Downloading Transcripts on the Customer Portal

Received a notification that your file is ready and you need to download it? Placed a large order and need your transcripts without a bunch of clicking? Single or multiple transcripts can be downloaded at one time in our Customer Portal following these instructions:

Sign in to the Customer Portal.

Click the checkboxes to the left of the files you would like to download and click on the downward-pointing arrow icon.

You can also filter your recordings by Folder, Status, or dates. Please note that this page will list all the recordings for the folder currently selected. You can choose "All Folders" to see all your recordings. Since we are downloading completed transcripts, add the filter "Transcribed!" under status. After filtering your recordings, mark the files you need and click on the download icon in 2.1.

Choose the file format of your transcripts, then click the Download button.

Click on Save when the pop up to save the file appears. This will allow you to decide where to save the files on your computer. Please make a note of where the files are being saved. If you are downloading one transcript, it will be saved in the format requested. If you are downloading multiple transcripts, they will be saved as a .zip file and you will need to extract the contents to see the files in your chosen format.

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