Reupload Recordings in Error Status

If you made a recording with your TranscribeMe iPhone app, and the file reached the status of "error" (see image below) this means there was some issue getting your file to connect with the TranscribeMe system. You may still have the opportunity to reupload this file by following these simple steps.

If you need assistance, please write our Support Team at

First, click on the filename in "Error" status.

Next, confirm the file is in "Error Processing Audio" status.

If the file is at any other status (like "error during upload"), this feature will be unable to resolve your issue. Please skip to step 5 or contact our Support Team at

Once you have confirmed your file is in "Error Processing Audio" status, you can click "Upload Recording".

From here, your recording should begin to reupload and you can complete your purchase by following our iPhone app walkthrough from step 4.
If your recording does not reupload (or your recording was not in "Error Processing Audio" status), we suggest downloading the recording from your iPhone using iTunes by following these instructions. From here, you can upload that recording to our Customer Portal by following these instructions.
If you continue to have issues, please write to us at We would be happy to help!
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