Troubleshooting the iPhone App - Uploading your Recordings

Are you trying to submit your recording for transcription in the iPhone App, but the recording won't pass the status "Waiting" or is stuck in the upload process? It's easy to resolve this issue by restoring connectivity between the TranscribeMe app and the internet.
Here are some suggestions that should help upload your recording:
  1. Refresh your recordings list by swiping the screen down. 
  2. Make sure your internet connection is strong. Switching to WiFi might produce the best results. 
  3. Completely turn the app off and on again.
  4. Completely turn the phone off and on again.
Please note that taking any of these steps will not cause you to lose your recording. It is safely stored in your phone!
If restoring connectivity doesn't work, users can download the recording from their phone using iTunes by following these instructions.

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