How to Transfer iPhone Recordings to Your Computer Using iTunes

If you have recordings created in the TranscribeMe app you would like to back-up, you can transfer them to your computer using iTunes. Here's how:

Update iTunes to the most recent version by following these directions.

Follow these instructions to be able to share files between devices with iTunes. 

Scroll to the part of your page that has the "File Sharing" section. Click on the TranscribeMe icon.

Audio files recorded to the TranscribeMe app have a .caf extension. You can identify your file by the date next to the filename; this is the date and time your file was created. Click on the name of the file you would like to save, and click the "Save To" button. 
Select where you would like to save your file and click "Save".
Go to the location where you have saved your file. Right-click on the file-name, and select "Open With" and review the recording to ensure you selected the correct file.
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