How to Enhance Audio Quality

Creating high-quality audio ensures that you receive the highest quality transcription. With some attention to a few small details, you should be able to produce crystal clear audio, every time. Here are some best practices for recording high-quality audio:

Recorder Considerations

  • Choose the right digital recorder. Ensure that your device of choice has features that meet all of your requirements.
  • Place the microphone where it is likely to pick up all of the people who will talk; keep it as close to the speaker(s) as possible.
  • For multi-speaker recordings, it is better to use external microphones rather than built-in microphones.
  • If you are using a digital recorder, keep your cell phone away from your recording device to prevent feedback.
  • Make sure that voice activation is off on digital recorders. This will prevent words from being clipped when there are significant pauses.

Speaker Etiquette

  • Record in as quiet a place as possible. Choose your interview venue carefully to prevent unwanted background noise.
  • Make sure only one person speaks at a time, and do your best to ensure subjects speak clearly and at a steady pace. 
  • When conducting a panel or round table discussion, it is helpful to identify who is speaking. Ask each participant to introduce themselves at the beginning, but also strive to address people by their names as you record.
  • Serve all refreshments before or after your interview takes place
  • Be mindful of ambient noises (shuffling paper, tapping fingers on the table, etc.) that can drown out the speaker.
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