How TranscribeMe Ensures Best Quality Transcription

Do you have complex multi-speaker audio and you want to make sure everything is transcribed just right? The technical terminology, punctuation and spelling are crucial to streamlining your work, and we get that. TranscribeMe has a number of systems in place to ensure that only the best transcribers, QAs and reviewers work on your audio files.

This article provides details on how TranscribeMe recruits its transcribers, and how we ensure their performance meets the standard that allows us to guarantee a minimum 98% accuracy rate on delivered transcripts.

How are your transcribers selected?

We recruit experienced transcribers worldwide and put them through a comprehensive training program, which they need to successfully complete before they are able to work on client audio. The training culminates in an exam that transcribers must complete before they can work for us. Due to having some of the most stringent and comprehensive training in the transcription industry, only 17% of the experienced transcribers who attempt the training and exam are successful in completing the program.

How do you ensure transcriber quality after they have completed the training?

We have developed a dynamic quality assurance process, which is a combination of automated quality checks, peer reviewers, weekly spot checks, and mentoring. This process not only ensures quality, it also promotes a professional community support structure.

How are QAs selected?

After transcribers demonstrate an unblemished quality record over a sustained period, they are eligible to take the QA training program. The QA training program is even more rigorous than the transcriber training program to ensure that only the most qualified transcribers are promoted to being QAs. Only 5% of the transcribers who attempt the QA training complete it successfully.

How do you ensure QA quality after they complete the training?

All new QAs are put into a mentoring program in which their work is reviewed by their peers as well as our training management team. Feedback is sent to the QAs periodically to ensure that they are meeting our expectations of quality, and to help them improve their skill-set. Once QAs consistently demonstrate quality output through the mentoring program, they are taken off of review, but are still subject to weekly spot checks by our training management team.

My audio concerns a specialized subject matter. How do you know transcribers will be adequately familiar with the content?

Transcribers from all backgrounds can work on general client content. However, for our speciality segments (Legal, Medical, Technical, Finance), we recruit only certified and experienced transcribers who must pass further training programs (this time with an emphasis on the respective segments) before they are allowed to work on files with a specialized subject matter.

Are the transcribers and QAs covered by an NDA?

Yes! Our transcribers and QAs are required to sign an NDA before they are able to work for us. In addition, for work that is deemed "highly sensitive," TranscribeMe sometimes performs a full background check on its transcribers before they are given access to the file.

We hope this article has given you insight into how transcribers and QAs are selected and the steps TranscribeMe takes to ensure the quality of their output. If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know at
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