Online Transcript Editor - General

You can now edit the transcriptions that you receive from TranscribeMe. Just log in to your Customer Portal Account and follow the directions below.

Note: The editor is only available after the transcription is completed.

Accessing the Online Editor

There are a couple different ways to get to the Online Editor. The first is from the My Recordings page, which should look like this:

Find the file which you wish to edit and then hover your mouse over the Transcribed! icon.
Then click on the "pencil and paper" icon:
Or you can also access it by clicking the Edit Transcripts tab, which will take you to this page:
Then click the Edit button on the right side of the page.
* If you are a member of a Company Account, you can also edit transcripts which other members have shared with you by clicking on the Shared With Me tab and clicking the Edit button. You can read more about Company Accounts here.
You will then see the transcription editor page, which looks like this:

You can edit the document as you would in other document processing programs. Just click on the part you want to edit and make the changes.

Audio Player

The audio player is at the top of the screen. You will be able to play, pause, rewind, forward, change the speed and change the volume.

Editor Icons

  • Settings – Adjust Settings for Machine Express transcripts
  • Hotkeys – Set Hotkeys for audio playback and adding speaker IDs
  • Recording Details – Shows information about recording
  • Find and Replace – Search for a word or phrase. You can then choose to replace one or all occurrences of that word or phrase with a different one
  • Undo - Undo any recent changes
  • Redo - Redo any recent changes
  • Highlight Selected – Highlights the selected texts
  • Strike Selected – Strikes through (crosses out) the selected text
  • Note Selected – Add a note to the selected text
  • History – Allows you to view previous versions of the transcript and restore it back to those versions
  • Save - Save the file (the editor has an auto-save feature and will regularly save changes you have made)
  • Download - Click this to download your transcript
  • Share (Company Accounts Only) – Allow other members of your company to edit this transcript
  • Back to the List – Takes you back to the list of files on the Edit Transcripts page

Editing Speaker Names

You can make changes to the speaker names by clicking on the purple tab marked as S1, S2 etc. You can change the speaker IDs to the actual names and it would be included in the drop-down menu, allowing you to choose the correct name for each speaker.

Editing Timestamps

To edit the timestamps, just click on the time stamp box. You can remove the timestamp by clicking on the "trash can" icon.
If there isn't a timestamp already, you can add one by hovering your mouse over that paragraph and clicking the "Add Timestamp" button.

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