How can I download my original audio file?

You can download the audio of your file by logging into your customer portal account and selecting the file you wish to obtain the audio from. If you move to the end of the line that contains the name of your file you will see 3 dots (...). If you click on those dots you will see a drop-down option to View Details.

Click on the View Details option and a smaller window will open that will also contain your audio file. You will note the audio player in the middle of the window.  At the end of the audio player bar, you will see a down arrow pointing to a black line. If you left-click on the down arrow it will give you the option to download the original media for your file.
Please note, that your transcription must be complete before the audio file becomes available, and it may take 1 to 2 days after your transcription has completed before you can access the audio file to download.
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